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Hello. My name is Chanelle.

NOFRLLS is a place to come where there are no labels, no expectations, but many opportunities to live your truth, share your story, and find cool products.

This is also a curative space coupled with some of my passion-inspired products. Take a look around, and celebrate minimalism, beauty and openness.

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The best jerky you will ever taste in your life. We promise. With only seven ingredients and gluten free, it's the healthy product for protein, productivity, and just good damn jerky. (Comes in beef and vegan)

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The Muted Nation are for those who feel their voices aren't being heard, by way of invisible illnesses, racial/gender prejudice, depression and/or physical pain. This book is a journey and an invitation to join the movement.

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"Empathy and Inclusion" began when Pharrell addressed a solution around many forms of prejudice in America on the Ellen Show. He emphasized in order to understand each other, we must first love one another through empathy and inclusion.

empathy and inclusion